Bucharest In Your Pocket: Filling the Metrorex breach (2)

You may remember a while ago we wrote about how we had been forced to come up with our own version of the Bucharest metro map for publication in Bucharest In Your Pocket, a result of the continued failure of Metrorex – the company which operates the Bucharest metro – to provide an easy to use map (and/or one which does not include fantasy lines and stations that may never be constructed).

Well, given that the current Metrorex map is no improvement, we have once again decided to create our own map: an upgrade on our last effort, which has also been updated to include the rather impressive number of stations which now offer step-free access. (Of 46 stations, 37 are now accessible for those in wheelchairs: two years ago when we last did the map the number was just eight: that is real progress):

Bucharest Metro Map

Credit for the map must once again go to Son of Bucharest Life, who, this time armed with a later version of Illustrator was able to round corners, and has – you may or may not notice – stuck to Harry Beck’s rule of only drawing lines at 90 or 45 degree angles.

Well done him.

As before, please let us know if you think that there are any inaccuracies or omissions, or if we can improve the map.

Please feel free to reproduce or distribute the map (online), but do us the courtesy of mentioning the source.

17 thoughts on “Bucharest In Your Pocket: Filling the Metrorex breach (2)

  1. Yep, this map is far bet better than the ones commonly found in the Bucharest tube. It’s clean and easy to read.

    Also, I always thought including lines that are under construction on maps was a stupid idea. However it’s in keeping with Romanian “tradition”: the State and state owned companies have always loved bragging about things that will some day exist, even if work on that something hasn’t even started or they don’t even have financing for it. “Look and marvel at what we plan to do! Some day this is gonna be built – fingers crossed – and it’s gonna be so awesome! Oh, and here’s a sign to prove we mean business.”


  2. You could always add too Gara De Nord and Basarab that they are the location of the train stations too ……… Mainly to make it tourist friendly and also for some Romanian’s who don’t know either 😉


  3. As good as the map is – and it is marvellous – your publication’s first Harry Beck style map was done by Alexander Sirbu, rather than ‘Son of Bucharest Life’ no? I know because I have an old copy of Bucharest In Your Pocket dating back to when I first lived in Romania in 2001. Does he not deserve credit?


    1. Correct. Alex did the first metro map we published which we used for a while, until the new stations opened. It was fabulous. The new one though was done from scratch. Still, Alex does warrant a mention: we will write that wrong in the next issue.


    2. Hi Rose ! I hope you read this ! Ist an Invitation to our Bucharest-reunion Party on April 8th in Feldkirch, Austria! I would love to see you all! Please contact !!! Hannes


  4. Just got back from Bucharest, and although the maps always show the Berceni stop on the Blue Line, it apparently does not actually exist? They always kicked us off the train one stop before and said “end of the line.”


    1. I imagine there must have been a miscommunication regarding the “end of the line”. I get on and off at Berceni on a regular basis and the majority of trains do in fact stop there.

      However the station is adjacent to a major depot and trains retiring to the depot must leave the line before actually reaching the last stop. When you’re on a train that is about to retire to the depot, all you have to do is get off at the second to last stop – Dimitrie Leonida – and wait for the next train to arrive.

      This happens most often in the evening, around 9-10PM, when there is a sharp drop in the frequency of trains; this means many trains head back to the depot and do not reach the final station at Berceni.


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