9 thoughts on “Leave Romania’s leaf alone

    1. Actually you’re supposed to ask for 1 million cause 800.000 you’re gonna pay on bribes… the more common the work, the higher the bribe that’s the way it goes.


  1. Nastase is a racist cunt anyway and shouldn’t be any where near a tourist promotion scheme, even if he wasn’t so old that no-one under 45 would have the remotest clue who he is.


  2. @Craig: “All you Chelsea fans saying Lampard is our greatest ever player clearly never watched Ian Britton in his prime. Or Trevor Aylott.”……………….You can add Robert Fleck to that list too!


    1. Nonsense! Everyone knows the best player Chelsea ever had was Mark Hughes 😛

      In all honesty, I’ve always thought Frank Lampard was a little bit overrated. Great player, but not quite as great as some might say. Of course, it’s just an opinion.

      Perhaps each generation (of fans) has it’s legends. I’m sure old Chelsea fans, those over 60, would probably mention names like Roy Bentley, Ron Harris, Bobby Tambling or Jimmy Greaves.


    2. Re: “Probably fair to say Roberto Mancini is not the most popular man in Romania this evening.”

      Roberto Mancini is an interista pezza di merda. Of course, this well-informed opinion is not based on the fact he didn’t play Pantilimon in the FA Cup Final, despite using him in every other FA Cup match.


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