More Bucharest then and now

More vintage Bucharest public transport for your delectation. Taken from the same RATB postcard set as this.


The tram is stopped at the intersection of Strada Academiei and Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta. Undated, we are guessing the photo was taken in the mid-1920s.

Here is how the same spot looks today (well, last Thursday, actually):

2013-03-14 14.03.30

The trams are gone, the statues have moved and the tower on the right hand side of the main building has disappeared (earthquake damage?) but otherwise this is one corner of Bucharest which has changed little.

12 thoughts on “More Bucharest then and now

  1. You know, the next earthquake might just complete Nicolae’s attempt at decimating the capital. Imagine: huge swaths of the remaining historic center in rubble. Lipscani completely obliterated. The nightlife will have to move out to the communist blocs built in the 80s.


      1. They called the police several times… and I got a fine which I didn’t pay and 6 years later was deducted by the Fisc (IRS) from 2 of my bank accounts. So I paid it twice.

        In retaliation for that – I destroyed the PDL in recent elections.


      2. I had a neighbour a few floors below me and she could not would not stop singing along to Adele. I went down below the building, into the basement found her electric junction box thinghy and switched it off, problem solved!


      1. @Davin If that had ever happened to me, I would have stripped naked and rubbed peanut butter all over me dick ‘n’ balls and said ”give it to me baby”


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