Steaua – Chelsea ticket price update: A small victory

So on Thursday, when we discovered that Chelsea fans in England were being charged £34 for what we assume are 60 lei tickets we tweeted about it:

Today, Chelsea announced that tickets for Steaua away would in fact cost £11.50, and that anyone who had already paid the £34 would receive a refund for the difference.


In other news, we received our (100 lei) tickets this morning. Bring it on.

2013-03-01 17.07.20

32 thoughts on “Steaua – Chelsea ticket price update: A small victory

  1. I think it was just some sort of error in communication between the two clubs. As I said previously, it’s against regulations to sell more expensive tickets to the visitors; of course, that doesn’t mean no one will try…

    I know that a few years ago Sparta Prague charged Liverpool fans almost 150 pounds for tickets; if I recall correctly the tickets were at least 30 pounds more expensive than the most expensive tickets sold to home fans. A Liverpool supporters’ association made a complaint to UEFA, but I have no idea what came of it.


  2. I will be surprised if Chavski bring more than 1 man and his dog. Terrible away support. But then again, they are only a little club.


      1. Hi Craig,

        Slight change of subject but exchange rate is shocking due to quanteativeeasing or whatever its called lol! So the best UK rate is 4.72 lei for 1 UK pound ………… I see that the rate is clinging onto 5.02 in Romania itself …….. Where is BEST bank to exchange my UK money mate? BNR, BRD, raiffessen etc ?

        Appreciate any advice mate, cheers Nick!


      2. That name rings a bell, I know Rory from The Dubliner and pretty certain he is a friend of his? (could be wrong though)

        I will pop in there first and then walk down Titulescu as there are plenty of banks near McDonalds are as I remember rightly!

        Thanks mate.


      3. Why not currency exchange office?! I always exchange in currency exchange offices. They have better prices than banks.


      4. 😕 I thought it was about safety or something…

        Commission? I never encountered any Bucharest exchange office bearing a commission. Maybe they have double standards for Romanians and foreigners :mrgreen:


      5. Just read these replies, cheers Craig, Parmalat and rearguard, advice appreciated and I’ll look for the best rates with little or no commission!

        On a brighter note managed to get a ticket for the game, tribuna II near halfway line for 100lei face value!


  3. Hi mate, I am arriving in Bucharest on wednesday afternoon and have no ticket for the game, I am English and would like to go …….. Chelsea tickets were sent too late to order and receive before my flight, Steaua only sent on Thursday! and not on sale to general members!

    What a nightmare !

    Is there any spares knocking around please ?


    1. Add my facebook I’m gonna try to help you but I can’t promise anything, the f*cking stadium is full already to double capacity.

      If I do find a ticket for you until Wednesday, it’s gonna cost between 60 to 100 Euro so add my fb and think about it, if you still want the ticket for that price.

      And be sure to make up your mind fast, so I can make phone call this weekend cause if we go into next week – chances are that even rattlers will sell all their tickets.


    2. Nick my son, this is what you should do. Buy yourself a Hi-Vis jacket and with a decent chunky black marker pen scrawl “OFFICIAL PRESS PHOTOGRAPHER” on your jacket and make sure you’ve got floppy hair. Should do the trick getting into the stadium for gratis! ps. Don’t forget a big camera with one of them long lenses too. Good Luck.


      1. LOL Just read this ……… Now that may be an idea although floppy hair is the sticking point! I have no hair at all !

        I’m a Manchester City fan by rights but on my annual Romanian trip I’d thought I would take the game in as an added bonus!

        That post of yours did make me chuckle though!


    3. Lots of tickets bought by touts were advertised on the local version of ebay until yesterday, when at Steaua’s request the ads were all removed. My guess is these will now be available from dubious looking blokes outside the ground on Thursday.


      1. They won’t, police won’t allow them. They will be all sold until game day and in the worst case they will be available from dubious looking blokes in neighborhoods but not outside the ground.

        But they will be sold until game day, everybody has friends and relatives.


  4. Hi chaps!

    Maybe you also tweet about the fact Chelsea put yesterday the tickets for Stamford Bridge on General Sale, but only to people who previously attended one match before????? What’s that crap about???
    I do remember being once in Stamford Bridge, like 35 years ago, no online ticketing, but I may still have the ticket in a frame somewhere??? How should i convice them and buy one now from their website?????


    1. That’s fairly standard practice in England, prevents fair weather supporters from turning up willy nilly. It is right and proper that those who have previously been this year should have priority. If Steaua had such a scheme maybe a few less tickets would have ended up in the hands of speculators.


      1. Sorry, but it’s nowhere written they only take into account this season……Btw, i also expect they wont sell all the tickets as well, so I dont get the rule, and i havent seen it before for any other match…Looks like if you switched from rugby to football today, you’ll never be able to make it in Stamford Bridge, as you are not allowed to buy tickets, not even when they go on so-called “general sale”…
        Sorry, smells more like anti-romanian…and that’s not fair, as i also see you’ve bought your ticket for the match in Bucharest not in the allocation for the away fans, no????


      2. How did Chavski do today? they don’t know, too busy booing a former European Champions League winner!


    2. As Craig says, standard practice in England, general sale normally actually means …….. Only general sale IF you have previous purchase history. Understandable and been in place at most Clubs for some time now!


      1. Try to find a seat in a Bucharest restaurant on the evening of February the 14th… even the ones which are usually empty and you can enjoy your food in peace are full on the evening of Feb the 14th.

        Wonderful rule that you have in old England!


  5. The reason I couldn’t get a ticket for Chelsea end is down to Steaua and the late sending of tickets to Chelsea 1607 of them ……… The Club received them on Thursday and went on sale to Uefa scheme members first, then ST holder, then members and then finally general sale with purchase history. By then it is Monday (tomorrow) and my flight is Wednesday am …….. So by the time I could be eligible to buy, the Club couldn’t send to me in time for my UK departure!

    IF Steaua had sent earlier than Thursday there would be no problem, as I understand their tickets were on sale as early as a week last Saturday!

    Why they left it so late only they know, even Chelsea ticket lads on phone said they have been a nightmare to deal with and won’t let Chelsea fans collect at ground !

    Well pissed off but what can you do? Just hope some Blues have a spare with them or I’ll watch in pub instead! Not paying over the odds for a ticket, no chance.


    1. Yes, they sold (out) the tickets online on Saturday evening and night, but in fact tickets were printed only Mon-Tue i suppose, and that’s why you got it so late..Try a long shot on this email address, in case Chelsea return some of the 1601 tickets, as in Bucharest they wont sell them because of security reasons


  6. hello friends,
    for those of you who are coming to Bucharest for the match, I have 3 extra tickets available.
    the seats are in the 2nd tribune – next to me 🙂 so you will not have any problems 🙂
    anybody wants a ticket?


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