The Voice of Britain

The Daily Mail last night published a new ‘UK to be invaded by Romanians’ scare story, of the kind which looks set to appear on pretty much a daily basis until Romania moves en bloc to the UK on January 1st next year.

As usual, it isn’t the simplistic story that makes for the best reading. No, the real gems are below the line, in the comments section. This is where you come across the real Voice of Britain.

Here are a few of our faves. (Remember: these people have the vote):

We are going to have every criminal in Eastern Europe planning to come to the uk. How will our overstretched police force deal with our own when some of Europes finest come to our once great country. We need a general election to vote these idiots out!
– Jonathonck, Hartlepool, 17/1/2013 9:32

Let’s face it, if you lived in Bulgaria, Romania or Poland wouldn’t you want out? Anywhere would be better, but Benefits Britain would be best! *shakes head at the loss of this country*
– Maggie, Oxford, 17/1/2013 11:47

I must be psychic – in a vision, I saw that none of these new European immigrants will be living anywhere near our MPs, rather they’ll be dumped on the rest of us to execute their merry criminal ways. What the hell has happened to this country, we are not asked our opinion on gay weddings, overwhelming influxes of foreigners, what to do about greedy and venal politicians, how to treat corrupt and greedy bankers – and they laughingly tell us Britain is a democracy! And don’t tell me we get a say when we vote people into power, the minute they have access to the trough, in goes their snouts and out goes integrity!
– Ephemera , Newport, 17/1/2013 11:24

The UK is quickly turning into a toilet, a dumping ground for all of the useless detritus currently slithering around Eastern Europe, and beyond. They don’t want them, so they’re obviously only to happy to shovel them into our country, just like they did in 2004. Lower the wages, eradicate our culture, and completely swamp us with idiots who have no desire to assimilate, just syphon us for everything they can get. Get ready for the next crime wave.
– Muppets Ltd, Parliament, United Kingdom, 17/1/2013 2:32

English Volunteer Force will blockade Dover port, This cannot/will not be allowed to happen, Infrastructure will collapse, Jobs will go to them if/when there is jobs available, Crime will shoot through the roof, Recovery will be delayed for years, Maybe forever! It’s about time this country stopped surrendering, EVF.
– English Volunteer Force, England, 17/1/2013 11:26

The Romanian and Bulgarian governments (like Poland and others before them) will actively encourage (and sponsor) their people to come here. It makes sound economic sense for them to do so. Once here immigrants will send money back to their home country thereby helping their economy, but having the reverse effect on ours. For this reason China, India, Pakistan, Brazil and other countries have actively sponsored and encouraged ‘illegals’ to come here knowing that each one will send monies back home. This is organised state crime and is worth billions a year, which Britain loses and is often payed for by all taxpayers by way of benefits to the immigrants.
– Poncho, Harrogate, 17/1/2013 2:34

And following on the heels of Romania and Bulgaria are Moldova and Albania, yet another two eastern European countries, with Turkey yet another contender but who isn’t even geographically in Europe! As we know that neither the Con/Lab/Libs haven’t any intention of us exiting the EU in the near or distant future, until we do, hopefully via UKIP, Mr Cameron should seek not only to limit the number of entrants to Britian from some of these countries, as stated above, but the size of the countries should also be taken into account. Germany, France, Spain etc are all vastly bigger than Britain and can accommodate more that us, and we are already full to bursting.
– Mr Universe, Liverpool, 17/1/2013 10:55

And…Croatia will join the EU this summer! I am losing the will to live.
– Beatriz, London, 17/1/2013 12:13

41 thoughts on “The Voice of Britain

  1. These people sound ignorant but I feel for them. Mass immigration is confusing and can put a major strain on societies, especially for low-income people.


    1. Oh, where’s ‘Mr politically-correct’ right now??

      When I said “gypsies are bad, immigration is bad, everything which doesn’t respect cultural diversity in Europe is bad” you said no sir, you’re talking bullshit.

      In the end you’re all gonna get to my words cause there’s no other way around.


      1. Immigration can have beneficial effects, but it can impose strain too. I have seen strain where I lived — an already burdened school system completely incapable of coping with an influx of impoverished students who did not speak the local language. Parents and teachers were very unhappy. This is a rich-country problem that I guess Romania may not have, unless students from poorer countries are arriving en masse.

        The difference between me and you, Parmalat, is that I don’t hate the individuals who are coming in. I don’t say they ALL steal and that they ALL need to go home. I acknowledge that matters can improve, and I don’t talk about killing people.


      2. Matters will never improve unless you all start hating individuals who are coming in.

        Politicians will just say “let them cope with it, if they don’t take attitude it means they’re content”.

        Things are only solved when action and attitude is taken. Otherwise politicians go by their agenda and we shut up and we swallow.

        Yes sir, they all steal, they all need to go home! After that – if I ever need any of them – I can pick them one by one according to my necessities. Of course, if they don’t understand to go home – we can convince them with the shotgun. Britain belongs to British, Germany belongs to Germans, Romania belongs to Romanians. If any immigrant is needed – they will be brought in according to each country’s needs.

        I only import pork and beef when there is demand for pork and beef, otherwise it will rot on the showcase.

        But not in the chaotic way immigration is happening today: “let’s just allow everyone in”. Well let’s just all move to Britain then!


  2. Part of me actually agrees with the commenter questioning EU admission for Moldova and Albania. It has been said over and over that Romania and Bulgaria were not ready for admission…why continue to bring in members who are even poorer and worse prepared? I understand why people feel helpless in the face of EU action that appears to make no sense.


    1. Last time I checked Albania had not been officially awarded the status of EU candidate yet, it was still pending, and Moldova’s steps towards European integration have been timid at best. It’s not as if they’ll be accepted into the EU any time soon.

      In fact, by the time this happens, I wouldn’t be surprised if there wouldn’t be much of a EU for them to join.


      1. In the moment Moldova takes a step towards EU and NATO, there will be 400 Russian tanks roaming on the streets of Chisinau. We shouldn’t worry about Moldova unless Traian Basescu gives them all Romanian passports.


  3. I like the sound economic sense – not sure what university that was being taught at. But think the favourite is losing the will to live at the prospect of Croatia.


  4. The people are always right!

    If I were faced with the danger of imminent immigration of scum of the earth to Romania -I would prepare a shotgun to meet them. I’d rather die or spend life in jail than watch my society being destroyed by criminals brought in from all corners of the earth.

    Cause they’re obviously not coming to do business. If they came to do business and invest – everybody would be happy.

    Only a civil war can stop this.


  5. Romania and Bulgaria continue to be the odd ones out since they cannot get accepted to the Schengen zone even after repeated attempts while the rest of the EU is within it. It has nothing to do with the Romanian people, but Romania continues to have a negative reputation in the West as a result of the Ceausescu legacy. While other former Eastern Bloc nations moved on, Romania remains the second poorest country in the EU and is dogged by rampant corruption and an inefficient bureaucracy. Somehow the West cannot quite shake the image of Romania that is burned into their minds.


    1. They’d better shake it quick until we lose our patience and we start looking for a way out.

      We’ve had enough of the EU already.


      1. Well, we are what we are. Either they take us they leave us. The only thing they shouldn’t do is try to change us cause it’s more likely for us to change them instead.


  6. @Maggie
    Ever been to these countries?! Life in Romania can be wonderful and possibly much healthier and fulfilling than one in the UK. I encourage you to visit the East!

    Let’s face it, if you lived in Bulgaria, Romania or Poland wouldn’t you want out? Anywhere would be better, but Benefits Britain would be best! *shakes head at the loss of this country*
    – Maggie, Oxford, 17/1/2013 11:47


      1. I’m a democrat in the true sense of the word, I have a vision of running things that may annoy everyone but in the end it could prove to be better than any other vision.

        I have a solution for each crisis. Which may not be according to everybody’s tastes, but it certainly is effective and gets things going.

        Finally, if there is any future for Europe and Romania – my ideas and solutions will certainly be the core of this future.

        Of course, it doesn’t mean there has to be a future for Europe or Romania, nobody from the outside is gonna cry for any of them cause they all have mouths to feed. Maybe that’s what we don’t understand – nobody’s gonna cry for us Europeans, everybody’s waiting for an opportunity to slit our throat.


      2. for as long as we ll employ the monetary system this devil hole we re is without end. think about it for a this game we re playin right now there will always be some men ruled by greed and satanic feel who will aim to win it all behind our back. i mean give yourself a minute and realize how futile is our race without joining them. u have to turn into a nasty motherfucker …thats how sad it is.


  7. I am really sorry that people think badly about Romanians or any other poor country for that matter. I can’t say we’re perfect or even all of us very smart, but there is a small number of people here that really want to support their families and live a decent life. I agree that in every civilized country from the EU there should be some rules regarding immigrants, you can’t just let anyone in. But stop thinking that all of us are thieves cause we’re not. All I ever wanted was to go to Britain. Why? Because I enjoy living a civilized life alongside people who respect each other and their way of life. Sadly, this is not happening in my country. What should I do? Remain here, forced to live a miserable life?


    1. Nobody forces you to live a miserable life anywhere, you can live a wonderful life even in Pakistan or Somalia.

      Life is just as you make it for yourself, why should anyone allow you to take advantage of what other nations built in hundreds of years?!

      It’s like saying “from tomorrow on I want to live in Bill Gates’ house” but I didn’t contribute to that house. So why should Bill Gates allow me in? Instead I should go home and build my own wonderful house without requesting pomana from other people.

      Sometimes Romanians seem like a bunch of beggars, unable to care for themselves.

      Not even in Darfur where we had famine and genocide did people leave the country in such high numbers.


    2. So most Romanians would not enjoy living a decent life, only a small number would. How small is this number? Maybe you have an exact figure or at least an estimate, because I’d really want to know.

      I wasn’t aware there had been a survey asking Romanians if they’d enjoy living a civilized life alongside people who respect each other and that the majority said no.


  8. The only thing that should be relocating is capital.

    People should only be allowed to relocate to the places where they invested capital, or to the places where a surplus of jobs exists.

    People should not be allowed to relocate in a country where unemployment goes over 1%.

    Whoever doesn’t have enough capital to invest in the States and still wants to relocate – he can always relocate to Somalia or Burkina Faso where less capital is needed.

    We need to put an end to this rampant immigration. It doesn’t bring anything good, it only destabilizes countries and societies.


  9. Just substitute Mexico/ Mexicans and those comments could have been made by people in the US. Especially the weird militia one. They’re freaking out over here about immigration as well. Though its not as bad as it was about five years ago. People will get over it with time.


  10. This is for foreigners who want to understand Romania better. First read the article

    And then my feedback as a historian, as a Romanian nationalist and as a person who enjoys watching geopolitical events developing around the world

    In your analysis you have dedicated a separate chapter to Romania. There are some things that need to be said.

    – the grip that the EU has placed on Romania and the clear loss of sovereignty of the country in favor of Western centers of influence concern us
    – while Romania has not shown a clear option for resistance throughout history, there have always been latent feelings of discontent towards every plan that would not respect the national identity of the country and its people
    – over 65% (according to most studies) of Romanians will say now in 2013 that the nationalist regime of Nicolae Ceausescu was the best period which the country had ever lived
    – Romanians are not prepared and are not willing to adhere to strict democratic values and rules; our society has always been a rather relaxed and tolerant society, even in the times of Ceausescu, we are not willing to give up our freedom because the West says so and we will not endorse anyone who is trying to change our society
    – there is growing discontent in Romania towards the EU and the USA, especially after recent political events (summer 2012); I can not emphasize that enough


    – represents a model of prosperity; the first foreign investments that came to Romania after 1990 were from Turkey
    – we remember the Turks as having loads of cash and paying good salaries; in the early 90s a job in a small Turkish company was very sought after
    – we remember the Turks as people who showed respect towards our lifestyle and traditions; they did not try to change us like Europeans and Americans do, they accepted us and we lived together as friends
    – our most important football player in history, “the King” Gheorghe Hagi, played his best years for a Turkish football team; we considered the Turks like our brothers only for that even, as in both countries Turkey and Romania – football is a big social issue
    – ask everyone in Bucharest what they like to eat and they will answer they like shaorma (kebap); ask them who cooks the best shaorma and they will answer the Turks cook the best shaorma
    – never in history have the Romanian people held Turkey in such high regard as nowadays


    – we do not consider them as our friends, nor we do consider them as our enemies
    – Russia has never interfered in the internal affairs of Romania during the times of Ceausescu as Western powers interfere today
    – as we are growing discontent with the Western model, there has been a reassessment of the historical ties Romania had with Russia; for example Romania fought its independence war together with Russia
    – during the summer 2012 political events, Russia supported the Romanian people against Western-backed dictator Traian Basescu
    – we respect Russia, but Russia is not our goal; instead – from the EurAsian block – it’s China that draws our attention, we want to have closer ties with China as we had in the past
    – we do not consider Russia as a threat towards the development of our country, what concerns us more is that we are being dragged too much towards the Western block and this has forced China – a former close friend of ours – to adopt a rather neutral stance towards Romania in the last 20 years

    Romanian people have always accepted everyone who came to our country with respect and good intentions. Whoever understands that we have a national identity and a national model will always be considered a friend. Whoever tries to change the country according to their own models and ambitions will face latent resistance and the prospect of being stabbed in the back at the first occasion. That’s the way things go over here.


    1. Thanks for the link. Really interesting, especially the in depth view of Romania and Moldova. Well worth a read – found the description of the rise of the communist regime and it’s unique shape very good.

      Paramalt’s response is the usual mix of good points hidden among the fatuous and slightly hysterical.


      1. Some of his points may be valid, but he keeps saying we and our, when most of the times it should probably be more like I and my.


      2. Yeah, true. However you don’t make it sound as if you’ve been appointed spokesperson for the Romanian people.


  11. How come they don’t cry about the vast Pakistani and Arabic population they have accepted, but they cry when civilized (for the most part) brethren is supposedly coming over? They’re such idiots, but I sure bet men would be all for our Romanian women going to England en masse.


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