It’s a miracle!

After not a few years in Romania, it never strikes us as anything except astonishing how television news bulletins in this country report religious events.

This morning, for example, the top story on all channels is that Christ Has Risen. That some people clearly believe that he has is not the issue: good luck to them.

But should this be reported as news?

Should we be told by a news reporter that ‘joy has entered the homes of all Romanians this morning?’

And then have the statement go unchallenged?

We think that reporting of Easter should be more, well, earthly, and a bit less heavenly.

Report that millions of people went to church last night (including President Traian Basescu, who used Easter to make a political point: he attended mass in an Orthodox Church in the heart of Romania’s Hungarian area), report what Romania’s Patriarch Chief Beard Daniel said, but don’t tell us that a miracle has occurred (with tongue nowhere near cheek), or that everyone in the country is full of the joys of spring this morning. We are, they might be, but is everyone else? Do they actually know? Have they checked?

As it happens, this Easter Sunday does indeed find Bucharest Life in high spirits, by the sea in Constanta with family and friends. The lamb is in the oven and already smells rather good.

So a Happy Easter to all.

(Even Romanian television news stations).

9 thoughts on “It’s a miracle!

  1. Actually reports about Easter should be more religious than earthly.
    You know what’s the problem with Easter? Tens of thousands of stupid youths use the evening to go to church and after that drink their brains out in bars.
    Easter is in fact about the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, people should be aware of this and celebrate by going to church, by getting closer to God, by Confession (called spovedanie and impartasanie in Romanian), by fasting in the previous week etc… instead, they use the occasion to drink their brains out.
    God doesn’t love us anymore, the end of the world is close, people stood up against His word too much.


    1. Any reason for a drink is a good one, even your rather “heavenly” comment, Parmalat! If more people should have a drink together from time to time we wouldn’t be facing the end of the world…

      Anyway, you’re right Craig, the ressurection of the bearded fellow 2000 years ago in the Middle East is old news. What happened on Easter is news.


      1. It’s unbelievable, the entire Western society lost contact with God and Jesus!
        It appears that the West has been living too good and for too many years, the word of God is valued less than the earthly posessions.
        Good thing the East still believes in God! God said that as long as there will be one man on this earth who would believe in Him and follow His word than He won’t allow the end of the world to come.
        It’s unbelievable how muslims defend their faith with their own lives while the West don’t care about God anymore.
        I tell you, the faith of the western world is sealed, you don’t have the power to fight against the muslims. They fight for God while the West fights to hold their earthly posessions, there is only one possible winner in this fight. Maybe we won’t live to see the end but as long as the West don’t turn their face back to God, their faith is sealed.


  2. I don’t understand: how can a human being live without God?! Who can protect a human being in this world if not God who created him?!
    When you think of this life, when you think about the endless possibilities, anything can happen to a human being, where do you get the feeling of protection from if not from God??
    I get thoughts all the time: “what if someday my trading style won’t generate profits anymore?” or “what if my businesses will go broke today or tomorrow?” What will I do if something of such kind happens to me? The only answer is that God will protect me, I think of God I ask for His help and He will help me. Everything comes back to normal in my mind, I know He is up there watching me and I’m not alone in this world.
    God is the only one who makes me feel safe, all my earthly posessions can be worth nothing in a moment. He is the only one from whom I ever asked for help.
    It’s unbelievable how the western society could lose contact with God in such a dramatic way. There are so many situations in life when human beings are helpless, when nothing depends on them, where do they find support in these situations if they lost contact with God?!


  3. People from the West think they don’t need God anymore, they believe their money will help them in every situation, they trust their states, their economic systems, they believe nothing can shake their position in this world.
    They don’t understand that their lives can change in a minute. Not even after September 11th they didn’t turn their face back to God, they understood nothing.
    Not even when oil reached 146$ / barrel they didn’t understand anything.
    Not even now when the Western economies are shaking and are close to collapse they don’t understand anything.
    There won’t be a 3rd world war, castles made of sand are blown away by a simple breeze no need for a hurricane.


  4. Unfortunately it seems that the Orthodox church managed to start a self feeding cycle that augments its power.

    Basically because the church controls (at least on paper) the means to communicate ideas and to influence the decisions of so many people it become the sweetheart of all the political parties, which now try to top each other in signs of religiosity and in promoting decisions that benefit the Orthodox church. Doing this they increase the power of the church, increase the number of people forced to listen to their bullshit (through the (semi)mandatory religion classes), and offering to a institution from the 14th century credibility and respectability.

    In the end the TV stations are just doing what their political masters ordered them to do, plus when you see that the national institute for statistics affirms that 90% of people trust The Church more then any other institution in Romania, you would be crazy to go against it (I have great doubts about this number, but it does its job… it is a self realizing prophecy).

    The level of “Orthodox penetration” is really mind-boggling for me. I remember that in the 90s there was a powerful feeling of hatred towards the church as the majority of priests where members of Securitate. I guess that the new “political system” realized that they could keep the church as a useful tool(pretty much as the Ceausists did), and that’s why they slowly promoted it until its present status of omnipresent “state organ”.


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