EVZ Launches Attack on Negoita

Who he? He be Liviu Negoita of the PDL, the mayor of Bucharest’s Sector 3, long regarded as the best run in the city despite its size and population. In last year’s local election Negoita was reelected as mayor with a frankly Stalinesque 99.9 per cent of the vote, or something like that.

Until now you could count the negative pieces of press about Negoita on the fingers of no hands.

And now Evenimentul Zilei (EVZ), a Ringier property, launches an opening salvo. We wonder under whose – if anyone’s – orders.

Watch this space.


4 thoughts on “EVZ Launches Attack on Negoita

  1. Under the orders of SRI and SIE bosses.Do you know what happened when Basescu called (indirectly, with the voice of PM Boc) for forbidding the cumulation between pension and salary in the stat system? All bosses from SRI, SIE, 0215 internal intelligence unit, SPP, Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Justice of Romania, Army, etc… were attacked directly!And these people run the country. Not Basescu, not Emil Boc – it is these people who run the country and they are the most powerful people in the country.Did you notice that on January the 5th when Government Ordinance 230 (the one I was talking about a few rows above) came out offically – also the “file” of Gabriel Oprea came out in the press? (“file” stating the illegal things he did in the past). Gabriel Oprea – former Minister of Internal Affairs until 2 days ago – was the first one to publicly support the Ordinance number 230.You could see the result immediately – Gabriel Oprea was forced to retire from his position! (from other minor reasons, but the real reasons was his ‘guts’ of supporting Ordinance 230!)People like the ones that I mentioned above have power in Romania because they have access to information. Remember what I tell you now: no man in Romania with a fortune higher than he could raise from his salary ever made his fortune in a legal way! At some point in time everyone had to take compromising steps! (do things against the law).The secret services know about everything and have everyone on file! They accepted people doing things against the law with the purpose of building a wealthy class of Romanian people so that foreigners don’t come and run the business here!But everytime when someone tries to move against the secret services or some of their business – that person’s file appears publicly! And media goes after him, prosecutors go after him, etc…In the last 2 weeks, Basescu went directly against the business of the secret services! But while Basescu is too big to splashed in mud (for the time being), a big campain can be started against his allies.Remember what I’m saying: until November 2008 all files of PDL members will come out in the press! In November 2009 Basescu will lose the elections because the secret services raised their hands off him!In another post I’m gonna tell you about the Bancorex story in 1999 and what happened with about 3 billion $.


  2. It’s not about Ringier or anyting.Realitatea TV is owned by Sorin Ovidiu Vantu who stole 300 million $ with Fondul National de Investitii.Antena 1 and all other Antennae are owned by Dan Voiculescu who used money from the Dunarea special company (owned by the Securitate before 1989, it was a special company created with the purpose of breaking trade embargos, dealing with arms, bringing technology in the country that was forbidden for us by the West – until 1994 Romania was forbidden to import computer processors with a frequency higher than 50 Hz).Dan Grigore Adamescu (black Maybach B-01-ADA) is a former Securitate officer, owner of Romania Libera newspaper.Dinu Patriciu – involved in the fraudulent buying of Petromidia refinery is the owner of Adevarul newspaper.All these media owners have one thing in common – they were helped by the secret services to do business here in Romania – legal or not!Ringier Group is just an actor on the stage of Romanian mass-media. Whatever business they do here – they are allowed to do it by the secret services! And when the secret services ask them for something in return – they have to give!So that you understand how much power the Romanian secret services have – Giuliana Sgrena the Italian journalist that was kidnapped in Irak (2005) was released only after the interference of Romanian secret services who activated their intelligence cell in Irak in order to free the 3 Romanian journalists that were kidnapped. The Italians would have been searching for Giuliana Sgrena today too.


  3. I live in Secotr 3. Negoita is our mayor. We get our rubbish collected three times a week (read ita nd weep, Brits!), the streets are kept spotless and there are no dogs. If he is making cash on the side with deals like this good luck to him.


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