Thieving Bastards

Theft, pure theft. That’s what’s going on right now at In Medio press kiosks around Bucharest, as well as in press stores, such as Diverta, which are supplied by In Medio’s distribution arm. And here’s why…

The Economist has a cover price of RON 23. This was increased from RON 18 at the end of last year, but as we have always liked the newspaper in question, we will happily pay the extra.

What we will not pay is the ‘surcharge’ In Medio are adding. Yes people, in In Medio stores The Economist does not cost RON 23, as stipulated on the cover, it instead costs RON 30. At the Howard Johnson outlet it reportedly costs even more, RON 35.

Now, is this surcharge being handed over to the client, in this case The Economist? Is it hell. It is going straight into the pockets of In Medio. Do not stand for it! Buy your Economist from independent newsstands: there is one in the Bucuresti Mall, next to Raifeissen Bank: we bought ours there for the correct price, RON 23.

Boycott In Medio!!!


4 thoughts on “Thieving Bastards

  1. Lol :))Yea, I suppose it’s not ok :-sIt all comes from the lack of comercial spaces in Bucharest. Ceausescu couldn’t see the use in building more comercial spaces because the philosophy was “quite different” back then. So commercial spaces around Bucharest (and when I say commercial spaces I mean Carrefour and Cora too because that’s what’s happening in those locations as well – commerce) ended up with huge rents being asked for. At this point, every investment in the field of commercial spaces in Bucharest is a 100% profitable scenario.I didn’t quite follow the market but I remember that 4 years ago when I wanted to start something together with a relative (He had some connections in Italy and we wanted to bring in designer clothes from Mariella Burani Fashion Group), we looked for some commercial spaces on Calea Victoriei and we discovered that a 25 sqm space was actually rented with 7000 Euro / month. So the question is – how much merchandise can you put in a 25sqm space in order to earn 7000 Euro for rent in one month and also earn some profit too?! The same thing is happening with that newspaper retail store – the rent is simply overwhelming!


  2. @Anonymous: what are you trying to do, teach him how to speak his native language?!?!?!It was obviously a keyboard typing error, don’t try to be more catholic than the Pope…


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