More Badly Parked Cars

Yes, the jeep was parked in the middle of the intersection…


One thought on “More Badly Parked Cars

  1. Ay, there’s the rub.But it can get worse than that at any moment. Or wider in terms of the “muČ™chii mei” possibilities:- drive at around 8 or 9 AM on a weekday from Otopeni towards Bucharest on DN1 and look at the multitude of “tricks” those retards use to avoid queuing, especially at the last bridge (where they use the entrance to Selgros at the foot of the bridge so as to avoid the bridge queue altogether), or the bold ones that try to drive over the (quite tall) concrete fence separating the lanes- get a bike and try to use any of the (quite many nowadays) bike lanes in the city; see what you find on the way, including motorcyclists that use these lanes- imagine you have a bus and a group of people to take to dinner at, say, Vatra; watch the morons parked there and yes, be ready to drag their cars, it helps both for having a good laugh and a healthy bodyAnd one can go on for next to ever. Amen.


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