Something for the Weekend: The Bucharest Marathon

Romania’s first marathon will be held on the streets of the capital, Bucharest, this Sunday.

Yep, it came as a surprise to us, too.

The organisers are clearly hoping that word of mouth will encourage people to turn out, for we’ve seen not a single ad for the event in the local press. Indeed, given the utter lack of coverage for the event we wonder if anybody will be turning up at the start line in front of Casa Poporului?

Besides a classic marathon of 26 miles 385 yards, there are also half and junior marathons. You can sign up as late as tomorrow for the full event, and on the day for the shorter distances.

For those looking for a little peace and quiet on Sunday, the marathon route (closed to traffic until 15:30) could well be the best place to come…1


2 thoughts on “Something for the Weekend: The Bucharest Marathon

  1. Hi!I’m from Brazil. I intend to run this marathon next year!89 runners finished the marathon and 159 the semi-marathon.I think this number will double next year.And I hope I’ll see you there!I’ll read the blog to know things about your lovely country!Huges


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