Dodgy Bucharest Taxis

We recently decided to try and document as many rip-off taxis as we could find. Camera at the ready we are stalking the streets on the lookout for any taxi charging over the odds. Here’s the first:

Pimex Taxi? Never heard of it. The fact that is a ‘Partener Orient Taxi’ starts alarm bells ringing: Orient Taxi has long been one of the more famous rip-off taxi companies:

Be warned: do not pay more than 1.99 lei per kilometre. If you do you are being ripped off.


One thought on “Dodgy Bucharest Taxis

  1. we got taken for a right old ride last year at the airport by a bloke who wasn;t even a taxi driver he said 20 pounds to the cente then asked for 100 when we got there. the hotel securtiry helped us out and we got away with paying 50 then we worked out he was in on it almost certainly. Romanians are just shits we never ging back


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