The Bucharest We’re Not Meant to See

Rahova, Bucharest, originally uploaded by ppscslv.

We’ve long been fans of at Bucharest Life, not least because of the massive amount of source material it provides both for us and for Bucharest In Your Pocket.

A casual search on Flickr for ‘Bucharest’ the other day gave us a wide selection of photos. Predictably, most concentrated on the famous sights, such as Casa Poporului, the CEC Building or the Enescu Museum.

It also threw up a few other, less salubrious locations, such as the awful Rahova district of the capital, pictured above.

This part of Bucharest, whose streets become inaccessible when it rains, where indoor plumbing is not the norm and where crime is rife, rarely, if ever, gets seen by the outside world. This is a deep shame. For the more people think that Bucharest is all trendy shops, five star hotels and kitsch villas, the less likely it becomes that something will ever be done about the hundreds of thousands of people who live in abject poverty in places like Rahova.


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