Graffitti in the Name of Marketing is Still Vandalism

Because the airwaves of Bucharest are not already full to bursting with little radio stations barely anyone listens to, we’re about to get another: Radio Zu. Yes, Zu. (I know, the name sounds like some kind of 2.0 rebranding of well, a zoo. You couldn’t make it up).

Romania’s smug git of the moment, Mihai Morar, who will be one of the station’s motor mouths, explained the process that went into choosing the name on Zu’s blog (WARNING: PRETENTIOUS BOLLOCKS ALERT):

“Zu is incomplete. We did not want to come up with an off-the-shelf brand from day one. The Zu brand will be left to each listener to complete as they see fit, to personalise according to their whims. Zu is not a radio station, it is the vibration of the street.”

Anyway, the good people at Zu have clearly been back to the 1970s for inspiration if their marketing campaign (perhaps the worst of the year) is anything to go by.

First off, they still think Hitler jokes are cutting edge instead of just, well, sad.

Worse, they think vandalism is a cool way of getting their message across:

There’s only one thing to say:

Fuck Zu.


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