Brand Bucharest?

Bucharest, we discovered on Saturday evening, has a logo.

It’s hardly the most inspiring of logos (Bucuresti written in an off the shelf font with some optimistic flower-like things spurting from the final i), but it’s a logo all the same.

But it got us thinking: what’s the point of a logo if you keep it to yourself? Surely this logo should be all over the city: it should be on every bus, tram, metro, envelope, letterhead and civil servant’s t-shirt. Instead, we have so far seen it in one place: on a huge banner covering what will be the much-vaunted ghiseul unic* on B-dul Kogalniceanu.

Anybody seen it elsewhere?

*Ghiseul unic (Single Counter) is a place where Bucharest’s trodden down masses will soon be able to do all their official business (birth certificates, marriage licenses, planning permissions, car parking spaces, driving licenses, local taxes etc) in one place, instead of scurrying all over the city to different offices, queuing at each.

Yeah, like, dream on.


One thought on “Brand Bucharest?

  1. A logo is not a one time, single use product; neither a condom, nor a strawberry; not even a combination of the two. A logo is (actually should be) part of a marketing policy. The logo is just a part / an aspect of the brand Bucharest (or Romania for that matter, fabulospirit and the like do not count) do not have. Therefore, be it dum (as is in the picture) or wise (supposing it were), without the means of having it stand out and say something to the world, it is just an image.The city does not have an image – other than shots of stray dogs, beggars, bad traffic and poverty, joined by dusty presentations of the otherwise plentiful – but widely unknown – heritage. The City Hall has never come up to say “we want to promote this” and point to something; it has always talked in broad lines about the Historic Centre (yeah, the one paved with those cheezy Bricostore biscuits and infested by those totally misplaced Madrid street lights) or the Calea Victoriei. And then, when one has a city like Bucharest to promote or stand out for, the silliest approach is to present it like a Paradise location. Simply because nobody will ever believe a word that one says afterwards. Come with a concept, work on a (hey, realistic!) brand based on the contrasts this city is about and then put girlish logos in the bottom right corner of a dusty banner meant to cover the never ending works in front of the NBR.


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