Bucharest’s Telecoms Infrastructure

A picture can speak a thousand words, never more so when describing the complete and utter mess that is Bucharest’s internet and cable television network. If you ever wondered why your cable TV or internet is down so often, you really have to do little more than look out the window…

Anyway, news reaches me that in certain parts of the city these cables (slung from pillar to post, in almost all cases illegally) are being mysteriously cut, often two or there times a week. Local residents are not happy (cut a Romanian’s television signal and see what happens…). As soon as the cable companies fix them, however, so they get cut again.

The cable companies are pointing the finger at the local council, which in July promised to rid Bucharest of this blight, and gave the cable companies a week to come up with a solution (read the story here if you understand Romanian). The photo above (which I took on Sunday) shows they have done nothing.

Instead, one of the largest cable companies, RCS, has been on a buying spree, snapping up C-Zone, one of the city’s largest ‘retele de cartier.’ C-Zone supplies internet connections to thousands of subscribers via, you guessed it, illegally placed cables strung on lamp posts.


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